Accommodations and Shuttle Info

We have 10 rooms blocked off at the Days Inn (the one with the windmill in Sideways) in Buellton. When you call tell them you are booking under the name Goodall.

The rates are:
Days Inn
114 East Highway 246  Buellton, CA 93427

Rates at the Days Inn are:
King       Sat. $110.49      Sun $67.99
Queen    Sat  $118          Sun $76.49
These rates are good until August 31st; we’ll try to get them to hold them longer.

For fancy, aka more expensive options (a heads up: rooms have NOT been blocked off at these places because the hotels wouldn’t let us, so we recommend booking here as soon as possible):

Petersen Village Inn
1576 Mission Drive Solvang, CA 93463

The rates at the Petersen Village Inn are:
Sat $250-$270    Sun $150-$170
They have 18 rooms as of 8.21 available on Saturday night. There is private parking for guests, however there is also a public parking lot next door that could be used by people parking for the shuttle.

Solvang Gardens
293 Alisal Road Solvang, CA 93463

The rates at the Solvang Gardens are:
Sat/Sun $154 or $164 or $174 or $194 per night
They have 10 rooms as of 8.21 available for both nights.

Shuttle service from hotels to Sunstone Winery

Starting around 5pm the shuttle will make the first pick up at the Days Inn. Following that the shuttle will stop at the Petersen Village Inn around 5:15pm and a few minutes later at the Solvang Gardens. Sunstone Winery doesn’t allow cars for an event, so if you are staying at another hotel please find your way to one of these locations for a ride (we would suggest the public lot next to the Petersen Village Inn). For those people that need to catch a redeye, the shuttle will be making an early run back to the hotels around 9pm and the final ride back around 10pm.


If anyone is interested in more information about Solvang and the Santa Ynez area, check out the Solvang and Santa Ynez Visitors Guide


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