Our Story

Andrew was wandering the streets of Mumbai, drunk on sinus medication. Suddenly, the rain started coming down and poor Andrew’s sinuses went from being infected to inferno-infected. Not knowing what to do or where to get a refund for the medication that clearly didn’t work, and feeling his head closing in on him, Andrew fell asleep outside an electronics store, the tv that was playing in the window kept him warm. Paddi in the meanwhile, was coming out of the store, completely dissatisfied with the products within and after silently judging the consumerist behaviour of everyone in the store, she was quite tired herself. She didn’t know where she was looking, and the next thing she knew, she tripped over a white boy lying on the streets of Mumbai, covered in rainwater and snot. Paddi herself is quite often the victim of an inferno-infected sinus and she had just the concoction to revive Andrew. After messily holding his mouth open and shoving the concoction down his inflamed throat (very unsimilar to the more graceful manner in which potion pushing happens in Disney movies), Andrew woke to find the girl of his sinus-medication-causing-whacked-out-dreams saving his life. So he was all like, “will you marry me” and she was all like “yes, please” and he was like “cool” and she was like “sweet”.

Nahhhh! But wouldn’t it be fun if that was the story?


One thought on “Our Story

  1. ROF LOL
    Only someone who has suffered through a terrible sinus infection (or maybe nursed Andrew through one) can really appreciate this! The real question: just what was that magic potion?

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